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The SSC-ICT has a maintenance window every Thursday' from 18-22h. We will try to inform you as soon as possible when maintenance is planned. Due to security we have to stay up to date with our Wordpress version and update the plugins regularly. We will update approximately 3 times a year. Dates depend on the Wordpress releases and can't be scheduled in advance.

IT Maintenance Weekend
Wordpress may be offline during the next IT Maintenance weekend Saturday and Sunday June 10th & 11 March 2017.


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Weblog Maintenance Thursday May 8th 18.00-22.00

May 8th we had a weblog maintenance window. We updated WordPress to the newest version: WordPress 3.9.

Due to security reasons we have to stay up to date with our WordPress version. Updating however also has its disadvantages. WordPress uses plugins to add extra functionalities to the weblogs. These plugins are mostly open source, and therefor we rely on the developers to stay up to date with their (free) plugins. One of the plugins we used was the Ultimate Tiny MCE to make it easier for most users to edit your post text or add for instance you tube video’s. Since WordPress changed its framework in this version, the developer had to start building his plugin from scratch, therefor in this new version of WordPress, the edit functions are less extensive. If you like more information about why, please read this article from the developer. We will do our best to replace the missing functions. The changing of the framework could also affect other functions within WordPress.

Another change is that the invasive TU cookie wall is replaced by a small banner. We are obliged to have a cookie message, but this small banner is more user friendly.

We will be informing you about a few new plugins in the near future. (we are looking into 3 new social plugins, to replace the Sociable plugin)


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