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The SSC-ICT has a maintenance window every Thursday' from 18-22h. We will try to inform you as soon as possible when maintenance is planned. Due to security we have to stay up to date with our Wordpress version and update the plugins regularly. We will update approximately 3 times a year. Dates depend on the Wordpress releases and can't be scheduled in advance.

IT Maintenance Weekend
Wordpress may be offline during the next IT Maintenance weekend Saturday and Sunday June 10th & 11 March 2017.


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WordPress version 4.2.2

We are currently on WordPress version 4.2.2. Due to a security risk we had to perform an emergency change. We tested the upgrade before the change, but due to the short time frame we could always missed some issues.

The upgrade itself was done very quickly, we were only offline for a couple of seconds. We will keep checking the weblog for further issues. Please let us know if you are experiencing issues yourself. If you have any questions (or issues) feel free to contact E-Learning Support or e-mail us, the weblog administrators.


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